My name is Henrique Donati and I am a graduate from Upper Iowa University with honors. With 5 years of experience in computer troubleshooting and back-end development. My peers have considered me to be a great leader who emphasizes teamwork and comes up with creative solutions. My personal objective is to pursue a long-term career with a company that is consistently challenging in different areas of technology.

  • C++
  • SQL
  • PHP
  • JQuery
  • HTML
  • Computer Repair


Wartburg College

Application Systems Analyst

July, 2018 - Present

Maintain most Jenzabar EX Modules, as well as the JICS and e-Learning products. Support the Jenzabar Recruitment Manager (JRM) software including: Informatica Cloud integration management. TargetX custom objects maintenance and email delivery. Demand Tools scenarios setup and troubleshooting. Salesforce development using Apex, Process Builder, Visual Force pages, between other tools. Use SQL Server Management Studio and Integration Services, to design and maintain automation/integration initiatives within the institution. Assist and instruct users on report writing using SQL and InfoMaker. Train new staff on using all of the systems listed above.
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Upper Iowa University

Student Life Systems Analyst

February, 2017 - July, 2018

Support operations for Student life and Center for International Education (CIE) departments world-wide. Create and join reports from multiple sources. Develop and maintain automation of current business processes. Create documentation and training material. Serve as the subject matter expert liaison between other University offices. Website maintenance. In charge of data collection, audits and analysis.
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Upper Iowa University

IT Support Specialist

August, 2016 - February, 2017

Responded to client inquiries concerning local systems operations. Diagnosed system' hardware, software, end user incidents and service requests across the global university. Recommended and performed installation of best technologies in all areas. Developed procedures and training material. Helped push updates and deploy applications worldwide through SCCM. Provided assistance with literally any other technology related issue in the university.
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Upper Iowa University

eLearning Student Worker

March, 2016 - May, 2016

Edited website’s content and HTML during transition of school`s Learning Management System.
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Upper Iowa University

Student Development Driver

October, 2015 - May, 2016

Drove Students to the Mall, Bowling, Movie theaters, Walmart, between other trips on a weekly basis.
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Upper Iowa University

International Admission Student Worker

August, 2015 - August, 2015

Introduced new international students to the campus. Walked new students through the early steps of registration. Presented on "How is it to be an International Student?". Instructed them on how to use the IT services in the school.
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Gordo'ss Hardware

Assistant Manager

June, 2014 - August, 2014

Managed overall deliveries, customer service and sales.Opened and closed the store.Performed Clerk duties.
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Heartlanding ITSC

IT Specialist

May, 2014 - March, 2016

Troubleshot and solved customers` computer problems in both software and hardware. Managed campus internet connection together with Apogee, used batch commands, inSSIDer, iMacros, general troubleshooting skills and dealt with networking hardware. Worked on the functionality of several websites using HTML, PHP, JavaScript, CSS, SQL, and 360 virtual tours. Led employees in 3 Web Design projects and 2 Specialized Project. Trained 4 new employees to execute all the roles described above.
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Gordo'ss Hardware

Sales Representative

January, 2010 - June, 2012

Attended to customers' needs, consulted with customer for the best solutions and finished sales. Managed delivering and ordering processes. Maintained company`s social media page and overall technology equipment.
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UIU Photo Contest Demo

We started working on a project where students across the world could submit pictures to our website, and we'd judge them and give out scholarships for our Intensive English Program. However, the project got shut down by legal, but you can still have some fun with it here! You can approve/deny your pictures here.

Screen Scroller

Simple page created for showing the "Giving Day" crowdfunding initiative webpage on a loop on our signage. You can setup some parameters and it will simply just scroll through whichever page you'd like until you stop it. You can check it out here.

Student Activities Attendance Tracking

We implemented the use of the Student IDs on campus for Student Life Events tracking using Jenzabar native software. Our staff members use a card scanner on a mobile phone to collect the data at the check ins of each event, enter the data in a FormFlow in our JICS (myUIU) and are able to see that data onto EX out of the box reports, or the custom made reports we offer as well. Stored procedures and FormFlow can be provided per request. Check it out here.

Cafeteria Menu Scraper

Simpler app for the cafeteria Menu, pulling data from Aramark`s website through a PHP program. You can check it out here

Data Analysis Tool

This tool was created as part of my Capstone Project back in 2016. It was design to connect to any view in a MS SQL Server database an allow you to run queries from it. It offers different visualizations options using the google visualization API, including pie charts and a heat map. Since this webserver runs on MySQL, I had to make a few modifications, as well as, generate fake data to work with it. Feel free to check it out here.

Advisor App

We were given 2 weeks to design a prototype for an application that would make Advisors meetings with advisees shorter, by alowing advisees to build their own schedule. We were broken down into 3 groups Database (MySQL), Web Service (SOAP with C#) and a User Interface (HTML with Jquery and CSS). As part of the user interface group, I designed the main layout of the interface and communicated with the the other groups the information we would like to display and we would need to store in order to provide the desired functionality. Unfortunatly the web service was shut down, but I modified the project so you could test it here.

Tap Battle

Was given the task to follow the android development tutorial and create a fragmented App using Java. I made a simple game with two buttons that enlarge when clicked, whenever a button takes the whole screen there`s a winner. The game is available at the Play Store and the GitHub can be found here.

NICC 360 Virtual Tours

360 Virtual Tour at NICC at the Peosta and Calmar campuses. You can check them out here and here.


We were given 3 weeks to make a complete game using any game engine. My group made a Survival game where you survive a robot invasion. I mainly developed the characters movement, health and damage system, and spawn algorithms for the game using Unity, Javascript and C#. You can try the game here.

Spaceship Game

We were given a week to make a JavaScript game using canvas. I made a space shooter game. You can try the game here.


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